True Martial World

Chapter 30: Jin Long Wei*

Chapter 30: Jin Long Wei*

Having broken into the Meridian realm, the world seemed different to Yi Yun.

He did not need to use the Purple Crystal Origins to perceive the ubiquitous Yuan Qi in this world. This Yuan Qi was like the air; it would enter his body with each breath and be exhausted from his pores. This subtly changed Yi Yun’s physique.

Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had a higher grade of energy than food.

Normal people ate grains, but a cultivator could use the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as their energy source. Upon reaching a certain level, they could avoid eating grains completely.

In ancient China, “Zhuang Zi–A Happy Excursion” contained the records of “doesn’t eat the five grains, but sucks the wind and drinks the dew”.

It meant that a person could survive solely on the energies provided by the Heaven and Earth, losing the need to eat the five grains. Such a survival method allowed a person’s body to be purer. With fewer impurities, they could also live longer.

The ancients held this state in high esteem, so there were plenty of documentation in the ancient books.

Of course, Yi Yun was still far from the state of avoiding grains. Yi Yun felt that even if he had reached the state where he could avoid grains, he felt that he would never succumb to that state.

On Earth, Yi Yun was a glutton, erm...that lacks sophistication. It should be said that Yi Yun was a food connoisseur – yes, a food connoisseur. The former was a symbol of laziness and gluttony, while the latter was for someone who could enjoy the beauties of life.

Yi Yun not only enjoyed eating, he was also a good cook. He had lived alone for a long time on Earth. Although his dishes were not comparable to a top chef, his home-cooking was absolutely delicious.

If Yi Yun had worked hard to build a career after two years, with his looks and culinary skills, he would be an extremely eligible bachelor in the eyes of women.

Unfortunately, with the tunneling through space-time, he had to start from scratch. In the poor and sufferable Lian tribal clan, Yi Yun could not display his culinary skills.

Yi Yun could only hope that he would lead a good life in the future. He would set up a table of delicacies to reward himself. As for avoiding grain, sucking the wind, drinking the dew can all go to hell. Such a way of living was terrifying. If he could not satisfy his tastebuds, wouldn’t that be a great loss in the pleasures of life?

Having arrived in this strange world for a month, the only meat Yi Yun had seen was that piece of bacon. Although it tasted bad, it was still meat. With the bacon finished, there was only coarse grain porridge. Yi Yun’s tastebuds were crying in dissatisfaction.

Of course, under his conditions, Yi Yun could only endure the gut-wrenching hunger, and replenish his energy using the desolate bones essence.

Thankfully, the desolate bones essence tasted great.

Since the Lian tribal clan has withheld the food, leaving no food for me, I’ll eat their desolate bones essence!

After all, he had already decided to absorb the desolate bones essence clean. Yi Yun was not planning to stand on ceremony and decided to absorb as much essence as he wanted today with the aid of the Purple Crystal’s capabilities.

It was what Yi Yun had always been doing, but there was a disruption in his plans today.

At dawn, Yi Yun realized that the tribe was extremely lively when he returned to the village.

The young and old from the tribe had came out of their houses. They had gathered in the square in front of the Patriarch’s compound, causing the tiny square to be filled with people.

In the midst of the crowd, there was a massive object about the size of a hill.

Yi Yun focused on it and was surprised. That small hill like object was a huge beast!


Yi Yun was stunned, how could such a huge beast appear in the Lian tribal clan? Looking at the head of the beast, it was absolutely mighty. One such beast could easily level the entire Lian tribal clan!

But with so many people crowding around it, the huge beast clearly was not on the offensive, cohabiting with the Lian tribe in that small space peacefully.


Yi Yun’s mind suddenly flashed, “This beast...”

He recalled to the day he had crossed into this world. He had seen a huge beast running in the wilderness while returning home with Jiang Xiaorou!

That beast was about ten meters long, with sharp fangs and muscular limbs that resembled metal pillars. Its running speed was extremely fast.

And on the back of that monster was a man, who had a sword slung on his back. That man’s aura was commanding and extremely terrifying.

That scene had left a deep impression on Yi Yun. After all, being an earthling, such a scene was extremely shocking.

And now, this huge beast in the square looked identical to that beast running through the fields. It might even be the same beast!

Yi Yun suddenly understood that someone important had arrived in the Lian tribal clan. This huge beast was the VIP’s mount!

How could Yi Yun miss such an important matter? He flew quickly towards the square.

En route, Yi Yun saw the villagers celebrating, as if it were the new year.

Yi Yun also listened in to the conversations. These conversations made Yi Yun’s heart race.

The owner of the huge beast was a member of the Jin Long Wei!

The Jin Long Wei was the elite military division of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. The levels of the leading members were above the Purple Blood realm!

With the basic units comprised of Purple Blood warriors, the Jin Long Wei’s battle prowess wasunbeatable!

The person who founded the Jin Long Wei was the founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Back then, the Tai Ah Emperor led the Jin Long Wei across the lands, laying the foundation of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

This devastating division, the Jin Long Wei carried on its legacy till now, for an unknown number of generations.

Chosen personnels at the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warrior selection would enter the Jin Long Wei reserves. They would first cultivate in the reserves, and after passing the evaluations, they could become an official member.

But to pass the evaluations was extremely difficult. If they failed the final evaluation, they would be sent to the regular army. It will then end their journey towards being an elite member of the Jin Long Wei.

“If he’s a Jin Long Wei member, then that is to say this person who came to our tribe must be at least a Purple Blood warrior.”

A Purple Blood warrior from the Jin Long Wei was totally different in battle prowess from a Purple Blood warrior born from the Cloud Wilderness.

In actual fact, the Jin Long Wei member who came to the Lian tribal clan was an expert at the peak of the Purple Blood realm.

Having reached such a level, and having been well honed in the Jin Long Wei, his battle prowess was unmatchable. He was an elite warrior of the Jin Long Wei!

For such a person who came to the vast wilderness, even the Patriarch of a hundred thousand large tribe would have to bow respectfully.

To the Lian tribal clan, such a status was terrifying.

As such, the upper echelon of the Lian Chengyu went all out. Lian Chengyu and the Patriarch put on their biggest smiles while leading the welcoming party.

Yi Yun had also seen it clearly. The man was the same man he had seen when he first arrived into this strange world. He had a commanding aura, and exerted a pressure even from afar.

“It’s indeed him!” Yi Yun’s mind began to light up. This was the second time meeting him. Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

Having met him just after tunneling into this world, it was definitely not a coincidence.

Thinking it through, ever since coming into this world, and from his understanding of the Cloud Wilderness, he knew that the Cloud Wilderness, and especially the Lian tribal clan, was a poor tribe that no expert would ever bother with.

That is to say, being an elite of the Jin Long Wei, he must have his reasons for staying around the Lian tribal clan for such a long period. But what could be the reason?


*Translator Note: Jin Long (锦龙) means beautiful, bright dragon. Jin Long Wei will roughly mean Bright Dragon Guard.

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