The Villain's Story

Chapter 561 [561] Date?!

Chapter 561 [561] Date?!

As usual, I came to shield the very next day and attended the classes like Sir Oliver had told me...or rather ordered me to do so.

It was boring, to say the very least. Most of the time I would just space out, not bothering to listen to the lectures anyway.

Of course, There were some troubles... I followed the same routine during the first year when I would have to escort Sabrina. She liked to go as early as possible, which was a pain at first, and I got used to it.

But surprisingly, although for some reason she was surprised I appeared to pick her up...she requested that we go as late as possible.

That took me for surprise, it really did. Hell, I even checked if she had a fever or something, but she was alright. She swatted my hand away and yelled at me to just wait.

I was perplexed, but listened to it. I was suspicious, so I made a sneaky teleportation to the class before, and I found the reason why...

'That's a lot of first-years...'

I gulped as I saw a literal army(?) outside the room, and then I understood why. A similar thing had happened when we were first-years as well... A lot of people like her and want to be her boyfriend.

It annoys me to be honest, but what can I do? Although I like her, I don't know what she thinks of shouldn't be too negative...right?

Anyway, I teleported back and listened to what she said. The rest of the classes were normal... Only that the Elijah and Serena were no longer here. Henry as well, But who cared about him?

Elaine was the only one with us, Therefore she and Sabrina were mostly together, while I spaced out around the entire class.

To say that I was lazy was wrong, while I may not have been paying attention to class... I was thinking about something else. I had snatched one of the satchels from the dwarves and studied it extensively, I even 'dissected' the entire thing when I was in class, although when I did that it lost its spatial powers and everything inside it vanished...

I studied it a lot, So I was able to have some idea of how the thing worked. I was first confused as to how they managed to create an entire space until I realized...

There was no need to think of it for long... The dwarves simply used the original space the satchel provided as the basis. The inside of the bag was sued first, and 'the space' was expanded. Although it was hard to understand fully at first...

It's fucking magic.

However, it didn't mean their method was correct. It was successful...but to some extent. What they did was forcefully create a space and thus, it was unstable. That was why when I searched the satchel with my mana I found so many odd cracks inside the space...

Their satchels had a lifespan. Which was why they were flowed. Brute forcing your way through would be bad...

I hated that.

They may have succeeded in creating the space, but that space was fucking awful. Therefore, I need to try to do it myself later when I have the time.

Of course, when I had the satchel out Sabrina, Elaine and some other students were looking at me with curiosity and confusion, But I didn't really care about that. I put the satchel inside my ring, I couldn't do it previously because the spatial magic inside of it collided with my rings.

When I was done with that, break had started, and I stood up to go towards the cafeteria when...

I felt a tug on my sleeve, and when I looked down, I saw Sabrina looking at me with pleading eyes.

"I know the contract is now void...but please just drive them off?"

Contract is void? What are you talking about? With a confused look on my face, I continued to look at her...until she pointed towards the door.

"Please, Drive them away."

I looked towards where she was pointing, which was the door to the class, and then everything became clear.

When a multitude of students, wearing the first-year uniforms, came inside and started heading towards our direction. Some of them stopped when they saw me, I recognized that they were the new batch of Twilight recruits...but most of them still came.


I understood it immediately, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't angry. Did she have to endure this for a month?


If that is the case... I should have to step in. I'm her...bodyguard, after all.

Therefore, my voice carried a hint of anger, and a sense of danger within it. I reflexively added mana into my voice...and they all trembled.

They are all first-years, after all. And with my recent advancements, it was easy to make them fear me.

"Fuck off."

But of course, no matter how many words I used, would they listen to them? I was a first-year too...and since they are all horny bastards who just came to talk and maybe have a chance with Sabrina...

I guess I need to use force?

I expertly weaved my mana out of my body and made it assume a physical form, It was like a guest of wind that threw them all out.

I made sure that the gust of wind threw them out the entire second-year building. After that was done, I sat down and after a while, when everything had settled and most of the second-year students had left the room...

I asked her.

"What did you mean by saying the contract was void?"

I had tried to initiate a conversation earlier, I don't know why, though. But it appeared to me that she was avoiding me...and it ticked me off for some reason.


Sabrina closed the book she was reading and gave me a deep stare. She said.

"Aren't you...angry?"

Angry? For what reason would I be angry? I don't get it. Why would I be angry...


I think I know what she is getting at, therefore, before she could say anything or offer an explanation, I simply said.

[No, why would I be angry that used the soul-crystal?]

Since we weren't completely alone in the room, I said it through the spatial bond. There are still some students left here, and Elaine is sitting right next to her...listening to our conversation.

[Are you sure?]

She asked for confirmation, as if she didn't believe me. I looked at her with a questioning gaze and said.

[No, Why would I be? I would have seriously injured master, or the people I love, if you hadn't stopped me.]DiiScôver 𝒏𝒆w stori𝒆s on no/𝒗/e()/lbin(.)com

[What about the contract?]

[Contract? What do you mean?]

[The contract between the Wellington family, and the Twilight guild. Where you would act as my bodyguard.]

I stopped for a minute. And only then did I remember that I had...died back there. Or had reached a state where my body was deemed dead by the contracts I was bound too, and thus they broke.

Ah... So that's what it is.


I let out a chuckle, finding this situation somewhat amusing.

[Don't worry, contract or not. I'd still protect you even after our school years ended.]


Wait, what did I just say? I just said it out of impulse!

I could see a faint red coming out on her face and panicked. Fuck, Why did I say something so corny?

But instead of nagging, or even an earful. I just heard laugh a little bit.

"Right, I suppose I'm the idiot for worrying about this sort of thing."


I'm afraid as to where the conversation is going... But surprisingly enough, it wasn't uncomfortable. To the people outside, It seemed weird, since we sometimes talked through the astral bond we both shared due to the crystal.

"So, you don't have any regrets about anything?"

"Nope, I don't see why I should have them."

"Kind of like you. Well, you wouldn't be so cute if you weren't like that."

"Yes, I would- what?"

I paused, did I hear correctly? Or are my enhanced senses playing a trick on me?

"No, you didn't hear it wrong."

She said, as I was still stuck in a small state of shock. She closed her book, and tucked her hair behind her ear as she rested her chin on her hand. She looked straight at me, with a faint blush and a wide smile.

"Do you want to go on a date, Alan?"

My eyes widened, and the small state of shock I was in increased to a 'big' state of shock. Regardless, I still couldn't believe my ears.

"What's wrong? Didn't expect this?"

Yes, I did not expect this.

However, I could not say this, no matter what I tried. Part of me didn't wanna talk at all, so I wouldn't mess this up.

"Will you be my boyfriend, Alan?"

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