The Return of the God Level Assassin



WHEN the two introduced themselves and asked who the new members of the team were, Bai Ze immediately jumped in to introduce everyone.

"These two are my cousins," he said, putting his arm on Luo Yan's shoulders and the other on Luo Jin's head. "This is Luo Yan, a moon elf. His game name is Noctis. And this little one here is Luo Jin, a chaos gnome. His game name is..."



Luo Jin felt like he could die from embarrassment at this very moment. He should have stopped Bai Ze the moment he started introducing Luo Yan with that pattern. He should have known that he would also introduce him in the same manner. And the embarrassment only got worse when Wu Xiang Ye burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha! You- haha! That's- hahaha! Sorry, I- hahaha!"

He Yu Lan cleared his throat. His furrowed brows, and the way he's pursing his lips, obviously showed just how much he was trying his best not to laugh as well. "That's... ahem! A unique game name."

Luo Jin appreciated his thoughtfulness. But the way he said that, while appearing as if he were holding his breath and experiencing constipation simultaneously, was not helping at all.

Then, after the other said that, he elbowed Wu Xiang Ye. He looked at the other, his eyes seemed to be silently saying; 'Stop laughing! The kid already looks like he'd explode from embarrassment.'

Wu Xiang Ye seemed to clearly receive the message because he immediately stopped laughing. Although the grin on his face did not disappear at all.

"Sorry, sorry." He crouched down in front of Luo Jin and ruffled his hair. "You must have run out of game name, so you chose that out of frustration. It's fine, happens to the best of us."

Luo Jin couldn't say anything because that's exactly what happened. He tried his best not to look in the direction of Su Yuqi. He must have looked really immature because of this series of events. If he saw her snickering, he might just log out because of too much embarrassment. CH𝒆Ck for 𝒏ew st𝒐ries on no/v/el/bin(.)c0m

"It's not even that bad. At least it's memorable."

Luo Jin turned to Su Yuqi when he heard her say that. The other had her usual apathetic expression. He couldn't really tell if she meant what she said because of that. For the sake of his pride, he wanted to believe that she meant it.

She must have noticed that he was staring at her, because she suddenly turned and looked at him. The moment she did, the corner of her lips turned up. And that one small smile was enough to erase all the embarrassment he felt just moments ago.

He Yu Lan noticed this little interaction and couldn't help but raised his brow. Now, that's a rare sight. He didn't expect that this surly girl now knew how to smile like that. It made him look at the little gnome.

He honestly thought that the other was some elementary or middle school kid that Bai Ze pulled to join the team. Like some kind of honorary member, since they were cousins and all. But that didn't seem to be the case.

And there was another thing he didn't expect.

He glanced at Shen Ji Yun and another one of Bai Ze's cousin. This Luo Yan was incredibly pretty, if he based it on his avatar's appearance. But that's not what caught his attention. It's the fact that Shen Ji Yun had never once left the other's side since earlier.

If it's only that, He Yu Lan wouldn't think much of it. It's the way Shen Ji Yun was looking at the boy. He was looking at him as if he was his most important treasure. Even his body language showed just how important the boy was to him.

If he didn't know beforehand that Luo Yan was Bai Ze's cousin, he would have thought that he's Shen Ji Yun's brother with the way the latter was acting.

But there's another more plausible explanation for this. It's something he would have never thought possible if he hadn't seen the way Shen Ji Yun acted today. Or, he could also just be overthinking things. This certainly needed more observation.

Xiang Ye, as usual, didn't notice these intricate things. After that little episode, he turned his attention to the other three who hadn't been introduced yet. His expression clearly saying, 'introduce them to us!'.

Seeing this, Bai Ze, of course, obliged.

"These three are native to Arcadia. This little one here is a shadow kitsune by the name of Eclipse. And those two overgrown men over there are Dusk and Rowan. Both of them are dragons."

Wu Xiang Ye's eyes widened when he heard that last part. "Dragons...?" But before he could fully express his amazement, one of the things Bai Ze said crossed his mind. "Wait- you said they were natives? You mean they're N--"

"We don't really call them that," Luo Yan said with a smile, cutting off whatever the other was about to say. "They're part of our team and that's all that mattered."

Eclipse hugged his waist as soon as he said that. Looking up at him with a big grin on his small face.

Both Wu Xiang Ye and He Yu Lan looked at him, each with different expressions on their faces. The former was looking at him as if he's interesting, and the latter with an obviously intrigued expression.

"Well, I'm sure they will be really helpful in the upcoming final tournament," Wu Xiang Ye said. "By the way, congratulations getting on the top 16."

"Hey, can we leave? I'm not really interested in this reunion or whatever the heck it is," Rowan suddenly interrupted.

Bai Ze glanced at his dragon partner, intending to suggest to the other to show a bit of camaraderie. However, before he could speak, Wu Xiang Ye swiftly flashed next to Rowan, casually draping his arm over the other's shoulder.

"Hey, don't be like that--"

"Brother Xiang Ye, you shouldn't--"

Before he could finish what he was about to say, Rowan had already swung his claws towards the other.


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