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Chapter 26: Mutant Three-eyed Cat

Chapter 26: Mutant Three-eyed Cat

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Ghosthaunt should really be called skin-to-skin, as all movements were aimed at one thing, which was to stick on the opponent.

Wrapping, blocking and winding, all sorts of movements allowed the body to act like a snake to tightly trap the limbs of the opponent, so that there was no way for the opponent to attack.

If the opponent was a woman, with the practice of Ghosthaunt, one would be able to feel her up. If it was a normal woman, she would feel overwhelmed in just a few movements.

"If I were to use Ghosthaunt to fight Qin Xuan, she would consider me even more of a pervert. Han Sen suddenly regretted picking this martial art to learn. However, the tuition was non-refundable.

"Well, I’ll just learn it first and see." Han Sen calmed down and started to carefully watch and memorize Ghosthaunt.

With a closer look, Han Sen found that the martial art was not so nasty as it had seemed at first. There were indeed a lot of advanced skills, especially in wrestling and close combat. Many were very practical and could save a life at critical moments.

It did indeed have high requirements for fitness, especially for flexibility. Even for those who had maxed out on mutant geno points, it would be somewhat difficult to meet the requirements.

The reason Han Sen was able to pass, in addition to his sacred geno points, was Jadeskin training, which had greatly enhanced his flexibility.

The teaching method of Old Devil was straightforward. You could learn the movements from his pre-recorded hologram, and then he would correct you where you made mistakes and remind you where you should be more careful. He could be reached via comlink, and his replies were detailed. Although he charged a lot, he was very engaged in teaching. With a strong body, Han Sen was able to start practicing Ghosthaunt in half a month.

But only to get started was not enough. Martial arts that required close combat like this were the most dangerous. If not a master, one could be easily killed in the actual battle. Han Sen would never hunt creatures or fight with others in God’s Sanctuary using Ghosthaunt before he mastered it.

"Qin Xuan, if you leave me alone, I’ll let it go. If you insist on giving me a hard time, I will have to use you to practice Ghosthaunt," thought Han Sen.

When he came to the teleport station, Han Sen still did not want to see Qin Xuan. Looking around from time to time, he didn’t see her until he entered God’s Sanctuary.

In his room at Steel Armor Shelter, the primitive copper-toothed beast had become a mutant creature.

Han Sen decided to let it keep evolving into a sacred-blood creature.

At the gate of the shelter, the gang of Son of Heaven was gone. It had been half a month since Han Sen left God’s Sanctuary, so Dollar was never spotted. They weren’t very patient, so they just left.

In fact, Son of Heaven had been aware that it was useless to guard the gate, as they didn’t know what Dollar really looked like. So even if he did walk in front of them, they wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Han Sen left the shelter and went into the mountains, ready to find a remote place to hunt.

After entering the deep forests, human footprints became scarce. Han Sen summoned his armor when he was alone and went further into the mountains.

Han Sen no longer bothered to hunt ordinary creatures. He would just chase them away or ignore them. And was only interested in hunting rare primitive creatures for food.

Now Han Sen had maxed out on ordinary geno points and had over 80 primitive geno points, so he didn’t really need commonly-seen primitive creatures.

Now what he really needed was mutant and sacred-blood geno points. Han Sen wanted to complete his evolution with all four types of geno points maxed out. It would be really slow if he used only the black crystal to do this. ALL new 𝒄hapters 𝒐n nov(𝒆)lbin(.)com

"For primitive creatures, I don’t even need to do the hunting. The mutant beast soul I got from Qin Xuan was a pet. It should be able to kill some primitive creatures if summoned." Hen Sen looked at the beast soul in the shape of a black cat that he got from blackmail.

Type of beast soul of mutant three-eyed cat: pet.

Han Sen summoned the mutant three-eyed cat, and a little black kitty the size of his palm appeared. It was rubbing at the foot of Han Sen, looking just like a normal pet cat with its tiny body and wide eyes.

"Could such a little thing kill those creatures?" Han Sen picked it up to take a look, not convinced that a cute thing like this possessed great strength.

But then he thought, size didn’t necessarily matter. Since it was a mutant beast soul, it must be able to hunt primitive creatures.

Seeing some primitive triangular-scaled beast wandering nearby, he ordered the cat, "Go kill the triangular-scaled beast."

The little guy meowed and got up its nerve to streak toward the triangular-scaled beast, biting it on the tail.

The triangular-scaled beast hesitated and looked back at the cat. Throwing up its tail, the triangular-scaled beast then whipped the cat away like a basketball.

The mutant three-eyed cat screamed and ran behind Han Sen’s feet, shivering.

"She tricked me! No wonder she didn’t even blink when she gave me this. It’s a useless beast soul." Han Sen stared at the cat hidden behind him with widened eyes.

Han Sen tried a few times more, and the cat was indeed of no use, not even able to beat the weakest primitive creature, a copper-toothed beast. Chased around and running, it was not like a mutant beast soul at all.

Suddenly, Han Sen thought of the type of beast soul. According to his knowledge, the beast souls that can be summoned to fight on their own were normally either fighters or mounts, while he knew nothing about pet beast souls.

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