Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 25 - An Extraordinary Man

Chapter 25: An Extraordinary Man

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Even those hoodlums had to admit that this female student before them was unusually beautiful.

They had played around with many female students before, but no one was as pretty as Gu Ning.

On the other side, Gu Ning was extremely mad now.

To rape her and take a video, Shao Feifei had crossed the line once more.

“In your dreams, idiots!” Gu Ning was annoyed. She kicked straight at the leading hoodlum’s d*ck.

The man didn’t expect Gu Ning would attack him, and even that fast. Before he could escape, he was hit right away.

A scream sounded loud in the cold night, which was utterly frightening.

The man bent on his knees on the ground in great pain. He covered his d*ck with both hands. Beads of sweat around his forehead.

The other two men were scared, and even wanted to run away. They comforted themselves that even a broken clock was right twice a day. Gu Ning was merely a teenage girl.

Then, the two swore at Gu Ning, trying to punch her with fists.

Gu Ning threw her backpack on the first man’s face directly with great force. The man was hit down and knocked on their van.

Within a second, Gu Ning lifted her foot, kicking the second before her. This man was much taller than Gu Ning, so she almost fell when she kicked on his lap.

Gu Ning threw her backpack in hand once more, aiming at the man’s head. The second man was caught right away, then fell down on the ground.

At the same time, the first man got a steel pipe from the van. He ran to Gu Ning afterwards. Gu Ning stepped back at once.

But before Gu Ning could fight again, a shadow sprang out from a corner. He hit the back of the three hoodlums’ neck separately without any hesitation. Those hoodlums immediately fell into unconsciousness.

It all happened too fast. Though Gu Ning had seen it clearly, she had no idea how the man was able to do that.

Gu Ning smelt the disgusting flavor of blood before she could see the man’s face. She frowned unconsciously.

The man was injured.

The next second, Gu Ning’s sight fell on the man.

The minute the man walked into Gu Ning’s sight, Gu Ning was amazed by his appearance.

This man was extraordinarily handsome.

He probably was the most handsome man Gu Ning had ever met till now.

The man was in a suit of black clothes. He was around 6’3” tall and 25 years old. His features were beautiful and delicate. Only his skin was a little pale.

Probably the man had lost much blood because of his injuries, thus he looked pale now.

Although the man was injured, he seemed dangerous still, especially his deep dark eyes. Even Gu Ning felt threatened.

The man was so powerful!

He must be an extraordinary man.

“Do you drive?” Suddenly, the man said with coldness but politely.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered at once.

“Drive me to the Fenghua Luxury Mansion. This is your reward,” the man said, and took out a green jade in the size of a quail egg to Gu Ning.

Seeing it was jade, Gu Ning unconsciously used her Jade Eyes.

Then she was amazed again, because there was a thick white fog around the jade.

Gu Ning knew little about jade, but she could tell this jade must be expensive from its power.

The man must be of great wealth!

“Great, deal.”

Gu Ning answered without further delay. She took the jade over directly before the man could tell her the value of it.

The man was a little surprised for Gu Ning didn’t hesitate at all. Did she knew this jade was real?

If she knew the jade was authentic at the first sight, she must be a special girl.

Anyway, the man made a deal with Gu Ning.

Besides, the jade was real indeed, and was worth of dozens of million yuan. Findd new 𝒔tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

A deal was made based on the willingness of both sides.

Though Gu Ning made the deal with the man only because she wanted the jade, the man wouldn’t criticize her for that, because she earned it herself.

The man turned around and got in the car. He wasn’t worried that Gu Ning would regret after she had taken the jade.

When the man turned around, Gu Ning immediately put the jade into the telepathic eye space.

The second the jade was in the telepathic eye space, everything became clearer before Gu Ning’s eyes. She felt relaxed too.

The jade was helpful indeed.

Now, Gu Ning had a stronger desire to collect more jade, but she had to wait till weekends.

Gu Ning got into the black van without delay. She started the car and left.

And the three hoodlums were left on the street.

“Well, are you alright? Do you want me to help you with your injuries?” Out of politeness, Gu Ning asked the man.

“No, thanks,” The man answered. He had no intention to talk.

Since the man didn’t want her help, Gu Ning closed her mouth.

After a few seconds, Gu Ning suddenly realized she had made a bad decision. She drove the hoodlums’ car away directly. What if they sued her for stealing?

And there were surveillance cameras around the street. They couldn’t deny it!

Thinking of that, Gu Ning slammed on the brakes. The man, who was sitting at the back seat, flew ahead.

“What’s wrong with you?” The man asked with dissatisfaction. His voice sounded much weaker than before.

“We just grabbed others’ car. What if I’m sued for stealing? There are surveillance cameras on the street. I can’t deny it!” Gu Ning was worried. She didn’t want to be caught into the police station.

“Relax, you won’t be involved.” The man said. His voice with determination comforted Gu Ning. She didn’t waste more time, and drove away.

Before long, Gu Ning’s phone rang. Without looking at the caller’s ID, Gu Ning knew whom it was.

It must be Gu Man.

Gu Ning immediately took out her phone. It was Gu Man indeed. She answered the call at once. Before she could say a word, Gu Man’s anxious voice sounded, “Ningning, where are you now? How come you’re not home yet?”

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