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Chapter 544 - 544 I Want to Establish a Personal Guards Team! (2)

544 I Want to Establish a Personal Guards Team! (2)

At this moment, the girl in green no longer hesitated. She immediately knelt in front of Lin Bei and said excitedly, “Greetings, Master!”

“There’s no need to kneel. Get up.”

Lin Bei raised his hand and waved. A gentle force helped Little Green up. Then, he smiled and said, “Not bad. This way, there are four people in my personal guards.”

Lin Bei had actually thought about his personal guards. After all, he was alone. Some things were not convenient to do, but if his personal guards were around, he could just send them to do some chores. This way, he would have a lot of time to enjoy himself… cough cough, cultivate.

However, since they were the personal guards, they naturally could not be too weak.

He wondered if he should teach them some skills. Otherwise, they would not be able to handle some miscellaneous matters alone. In the end, he would still have to rely on himself. It was very troublesome.

For example, imparting the power of Heavenly Fire and Heavenly Defense. As he mastered more and more power in the future, he would take them off together. This way, many years later, he would probably form a terrifying personal guard team!

He thought of the 28 Constellations of the Heavenly Court. All of them had the strength of the Heaven Splitting Realm.

These people had followed the Heavenly Emperor to conquer the universe for countless years. He was envious.

If he could have such a team, or an even stronger one, wouldn’t that be even more satisfying?

At the thought of this, the smile on Lin Bei’s face became brighter and brighter.

It was good outside. In the Ocean Blue Planet, how difficult would it be to find a Saint Realm subordinate?

However, it was different now. He could rely on Little Blue to connect to the virtual universe space wherever he went. In this way, he could search for powerful living beings in various virtual universe spaces and take them under his command, making them his personal guards!

“Yes, this is good.”

Lin Bei nodded and agreed with his thoughts.

Soon, he looked up at Little Qing and asked, “By the way, Little Qing, do you know if there are any powerful creatures elsewhere? Hmm… I want to form a powerful personal guard team.”

“Powerful creatures? Yes, I know a few. It’s just that some of those existences are hidden very deeply. It’s very difficult to find them.”

“It’s fine. Just tell me what you know. As for finding them, it shouldn’t be difficult.”

Lin Bei said with a smile. His Eye of Stars was not to be trifled with. Everything that was hidden could not be hidden from him!

When Little Green heard this, it did not dare to delay and directly told Lin Bei about the information of the powerful creatures.

Golden Fur Lion King, a five-star Saint Realm expert, the Island Master of Wild Lion Island.

Rose Flower King, a five-star Saint Realm expert, the master of the Rose Mystic Realm.

Limitless Sword Spirit, Seven Star Saint Realm, master of the Sword Spirit Mystic Realm.

There were a total of three people. They were the three powerful living beings Little Green knew. Their realms were all above the five-star Saint Realm, and they were true kings!

According to Little Green, in the Canglan World, only existences above the medium-grade Saint Realm could be called kings. In other words, only existences above the four-star Saint Realm could be called kings.

As for Little Green herself, she was only at the three-star Saint Realm. She was still a little lacking.

“These three creatures are the strongest existences in the Eastern Sea Region that I know of.”

After Little Green finished speaking, she continued to explain, “As for the other experts, they only exist in legends. No one has really seen them.”

Lin Bei nodded when he heard this. Three medium-grade Saint Realm experts were enough.

After he recruited them all, his personal guards would become stronger again.

He even wondered what those seniors would think when he met the 28 Constellations one day. He had more than a thousand personal guards beside him, and all of them were at the Heaven Splitting Realm. Geett the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

“Oh right, I almost forgot about the important matter!”

Suddenly, Lin Bei, who was letting his imagination run wild, came back to his senses. He looked at the respectful Little Green and asked, “Is the big secret treasure that those people mentioned with you?”


When Little Green heard this, she did not dare to be negligent and formed a seal with both hands.

Soon, space fluctuated and a crack appeared.

A dazzling golden light lit up. Lin Bei narrowed his eyes and looked over, stunned.

“Treasure chest? It’s really a treasure chest?”

Lin Bei said in surprise.

“Yes, the Great Hidden Treasure… is a secret treasure nurtured by the will of the Canglan World. Strictly speaking, we are only guardian beasts.”

Little Green said in a low voice, “Speaking of which, we actually don’t have much freedom. This is the shackle that the will of the world has on us. However, there are benefits. During normal cultivation, we can absorb the origin power emitted by the treasure chest and increase our strength. However, correspondingly, when our strength increases, our origin power will also nurture the treasure chest.”

“I see.”

Lin Bei nodded slowly.

He thought of the ruins of the imperial cities on the Ocean Blue Planet. The guardians in those ruins had the same principle. They could not leave the ruins area, but they could exist for eternity. This seemed to be the rule of the world’s will.

Once a challenger defeated the Ruins Guardian, they could obtain some rewards to increase their strength.

In the past, he could obtain many divinity items through this method. Now that he thought about it, the scene in front of him was so similar!

“The will of the world?”

Lin Bei was deep in thought, but he couldn’t figure it out after a while. In the end, he could only shake his head and stop thinking about this. He turned to look at Little Green and asked, “You said that you’re bound by the will of the world. How can you leave with me?”

When the Green Phoenix heard this, it did not hide anything and explained, “Actually, there are two ways to escape the shackles of the world’s will. The first is to break through to the Original Realm. This way, you can forcefully break the restrictions of the rules and move freely. However, in essence, you will still be affected by the shackles of the world’s will.”

Lin Bei nodded when he heard that. In the Second World ruins, if those Ruins Guardians reached the Extraordinary realm, they seemed to be able to do this.

From the looks of it, if his strength increased to a certain realm, he could still obtain some freedom.

“What about the second option?”

Lin Bei asked.

Vaguely, he already had some thoughts.

He recalled the method he used to take away the Ruins Guardians in the Second World.

Soul transfer! Then, rebirth!

“The second is to extract your origin and soul and fake your death to escape.”

Little Green said in a low voice, “In this way, your realm will fall a lot. Other than that, you have to find a suitable body. Otherwise… it will be very difficult to recover to the peak!”

When Lin Bei heard this, he nodded secretly.

As expected, it was as I had guessed.

Thinking of this, Lin Bei stopped talking nonsense and said directly, “In that case, I’ll help you extract your origin and soul and reconstruct your body. As for the matching of your body, you don’t have to worry. The power of my Life Law is not weak. Coupled with the power of the Heavenly Fire, the potential of your body is huge! It’s even stronger than your current body!”

When Little Green heard this, its eyes lit up and it hurriedly thanked him. “Thank… thank you, Master!”

The power of the Heavenly Fire reforged his body!

This was simply unbelievable!

That was the legendary Fire of Ancient Martial Arts!

If she could really have such a physical body, her potential would not be weaker than those powerful demon beasts in the ancient martial arts era!

She had made a killing!

As she thought about this, Little Green’s breathing quickened.

“Alright, put everything else aside for now. I’m going to open the treasure chest!”

Lin Bei looked at the golden treasure chest hidden in the spatial layer and smiled.

It was a familiar feeling.

Opening treasure chests was his favorite.

He was so lucky that it was scary.

He believed that he would definitely get something good from this treasure chest!

Little Green said that treasure chests could only drop items of the corresponding grade of the Guardian Beast. There were at least one or two items and at most three to five items, but Lin Bei did not care.

Corresponding grade?

He never believed it.

As for three to five items?

Who are you looking down on?

Lin Bei rubbed his hands and didn’t say anything else. He directly guided the power of space and pulled the huge golden treasure chest out of the spatial layer.

The surrounding people’s breathing quickened, as if they were waiting for the moment the treasure chest opened.

Seeing this, Lin Bei smiled and said, “Everyone, retreat. I’m going to open the box!”

Great Hidden Treasure, I’m coming!

Open the treasure chest!

Congratulations on obtaining…

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