Chaos Devourer System

Chapter 107 Theo

107  Theo

The Humban settlement was a primitive setting, with houses in the shape of huts made with stones and mud. The roof was made with dried grasses and the Humbans' lives were simple, their main job included farming, and rearing livestock.

Their numbers are not that great as an Humban can only give birth to only one child in thirty years, therefore the total number of Humbans is around a billion or even below.

They only have a single ultimate leader, which everyone in the Humban settlement listens to, they call him the Great Shaman.

He lived in the Humban Tower, the most important structure of the Humban race where sacred rituals are performed and home to many worship artifacts. The majority of the Humbans have a goal of being a guard at the Humban Tower as they believe their god lives in slumber in the tower, so the guardians of the tower are greatly respected.

This was all the information Zeras was able to gather after mixing in with the Humbans for 2 days and snickering around here and there.

The lives of the Humbans were the simplest thing he had ever witnessed. There was nothing like school or training institution or anything like that, they all just farmed.

But even though they were very primitive and nomadic, they all had incredible strength.

Zera's eyes almost popped out when he saw a 1.5-meter-year-old Humban who lifted a rock about half his size. Even he would require some amount of stress to carry up that rock and yet the kid carried it like it was nothing.

The age of the Humbans corresponds to their height. For example, the figure Zeras morphed into was 2 meters tall and about 21 years old. At the age of twenty, the thing they do is to go to the farms in the morning till the evening and then go to a special place in the Humban settlement, where male and female young Humbans hang around.


A group of Humbans could be seen all barechested as they all had a hoe hung in their neck and cutlasses strapped to their waist. Constant laughter and slaps rang throughout the group as they all headed to the farm.

"So, Theo. You didn't sign up for the way just to run away from Natasha once again did you?" One of the two-meter Humbans asked as he slapped the back of the neck of one of the Humbans causing the others to laugh out loud in a friendly mocking laughter.

The Humban called Theo was Zeras. It seems the one who formerly had this body he was using was a very scared and shy Humban making the others make fun of him. And Natasha seemed to be his finance.

"You know, I just needed some time to toughen and sharpen myself up. That's why I signed up for the war..." Zeras said trying to be as natural as possible.

"So you finally think you can propose to Natasha now?..." One of the Humbans, the one named Miro asked from the sides.

"Uh-huh..." Zeras said although he only had an inkling about what they were saying.

The entire group suddenly stopped as they all looked at Theo in shock making sweat drip down the back of Zera's neck as his heart pounded madly in fear of him having fucked up.

"Um, what's with the faces..." Zeras asked as he raised his eyebrows trying to be as natural as possible.

"Oh, it's nothing. It's just that this is the first time you've said that out loud so boldly. The war changed you more than we could have all imagined..." One of the Humbans, Mori, said as he looked at the face of Theo.

Normally everyone in their group where well aware of who Theo was. He was the young man who gained the love of Natasha, but he was too afraid to propose to her. Everyone used to call him the Lucky Theo as he managed to gain the Love of the Shaman's daughter.

"I guess..." Zeras said shrugging it off.

"Anyway, I've been out of the settlement for a while. Anyone tell me any latest thing that happened when I was gone?" Zeras asked as he walked among the group of Humbans.

"Well, nothing much happened. Except for that, Xero has been choosing to join the Inner guards of the Humban Tower.." Mori said as he directed his gaze to one of the Humban who was usually quiet throughout the journey and with an arrogant gaze on his deadpan expression. Gแบนtt the l๐’‚test ๐’๐’v๐’†ls at ๐’.o/(v)/e/l/bi๐’(.)co๐’Ž

"What!!!" Zeras replied shocked as he was amazed hearing Xero was chosen as an Inner guard at the Humban Tower.

"Surprised right? That was how surprised we were too. Xero took the test and passed. He'll be joining the Humban guards assembly tomorrow, and leave us to farming..." Zori, one of the boys said jealousy in his voice.

"It's nothing..." Xero's voice echoed out to them although the pride in his voice couldn't be concealed.

"So how about the war, Theo..." Mori asked as the rest also immediately grew quiet, looking at him curiously.

"The war is brutal. We're currently in a stalemate with them. Since I'm just an ordinary fighter, I don't know much but there's something I secretly learn. The secret of the war..." Zeras whispered as if afraid anyone would hear him.

"Oh, what is it?" Mori asked curiously as Zeras noticed the even expressionless Xero looking at him.

"They said that they are fighting to take back their kidnapped princess that visited the Humbans a while ago..." Zeras whispered into their eyes as he watched their reaction curiously.

"Kidnapped???" Mori asked shocked as the group looked at him with brows furrowed.

"A Human female truly came to our settlement a few weeks ago, but I never would have thought that Diana is a princess in her human world..." One of the Humbans said to him causing Zera's ear to perk up.

"Yeah, that girl is really strong, able to defeat almost all of us in a competition of strength. She was a different one but I don't know about the elders kidnapping her or something..." Mori affirmed.

"But don't you guys think it's strange... That the security around the Humban Tower was suddenly tightened than usual..." Zeras whispered to them, intent on getting more info while trying to sound as natural as possible.

"Yeah, it is definitely strange. The Shaman said it's for more protection to the Tower but I wonder why much protection is needed, the tower had always been the same for years with no attack or anything, why would he try to increase the security now?" One of the Humbans also asked confused.

"That's enough all of you..." The cold voice of Xero suddenly rang out from the side.

"Are you doubting the Shaman? Besides, if Diana was truly withheld, then there is an important reason and I don't think you have any right to question the elders' action..." Xero said his voice authoritative and filled with disdain making Zeras want to close in on him and give him a solid punch on those big mouths of his for ruining his plan to access more information.

The group immediately grew quiet as they headed to the farm no longer saying a word. Xero was now a guard at the tower, his status was above theirs and he could punish or report them if they were to disobey him, so they all chose to keep quiet. Instead, they headed to the farm and began working on the piece of land they were asked to cultivate.

Time rapidly passed as the darkness closed in and soon it was time they leave for the popular Lovers Night Chase Garden.

"I hope you're able to finally propose to Natasha this time, Theo..." Mori screamed out to him from afar...

"What!!!???, I mean of course."

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